Modeling Matters

As we approach the always exciting times around Halloween, we wanted to take a moment and encourage you to do what you can this year to make Halloween about our kids, candy, and costumes and not about drinking. There is a clear correlation between adult modeling and youth behavior and that correlation is especially evident in Marin County where we consistently rank as the healthiest county in California in all areas but three. The three areas where we fall short are:

  • Adult binge drinking
  • Mortality rate for drug overdoses
  • DUI arrestsPlayful family in halloween masks

How does this impact our kids? What we see statistically is that Marin County has some of the highest, if not the highest, rates of at-risk youth behavior in the following categories:

  • Youth binge drinking
  • Early onset youth use of marijuana

Adult behavior and modeling matters!

Our kids notice and respond accordingly. There is absolutely a time and place for responsible consumption of alcohol with children present. Our goal is to minimize adult use of alcohol at youth-focused events and we see Halloween as the pinnacle of a youth-focused event.

Please join us this Halloween by making it about our kids and not about the drink. Let’s leave the Solo cups at home this Halloween and make it about our kids!

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