Local Marijuana Use

According to the CA Healthy Kids survey at Drake HS in 2015/16, we have a very high use of marijuana for our youth (higher than county, state and national 30 day use).

Youth marijuana use in the past 30 days: 19% of 9th graders and 46% of 11th graders.

Age of onset for marijuana use is 25% for youth 13-14 years and under according to this Drake HS CA Healthy Kids Survey.

The U.S. Surgeon General’s report – note national use in marijuana and alcohol use compared to Ross Valley, including risk and protective factors.

Marin County has been ranked consistently poor on these 3 health indicators for adults: 1) Excessive (binge) drinking 2) DUIs 3) Drug overdose.  Here is a recent Marin IJ article about Marin County’s health ranking by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that highlights these issues.